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Integration, Intelligence and Automation Lead the Intelligent Manufacturing of Dies and Moulds DMC2015 China International Mould Exhibition

Time:2021-04-10   Read:1653

The rise of Germany's "Industrial 4.0", which is dominated by intelligent manufacturing, makes the DMC 2015 China International Manufacturing Technology, Equipment and Mould Exhibition, which will be held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center from May 25 to 28, 2015, also feel the charm of intelligent manufacturing. DMC2015 will take "integration, intelligence and automation" as its highlight, and embody the application of intelligent manufacturing technology in die and mould and related industries with "industry 4.0" as its development direction. The theme of this exhibition is "Intelligent Manufacturing of Dies" and "Integration of Machine Tools, Forming Technology and Dies". It takes "Precision Processing", "Intelligent Manufacturing of Dies" and "Forming Technology and Equipment" as its connotation to display advanced manufacturing technology and serve China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Mould manufacturing equipment exhibits closely revolve around integration, intellectualization and automation to drive industry transformation and upgrading; 3D additive manufacturing exhibition area, mould material exhibition area and automation equipment exhibition area in the exhibition have formed plate effect, extending upstream and downstream high-end manufacturing with mould as a link, realizing passionate collision between high-tech industry and traditional industry! The Asia Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES Asia) held in the same place as DMC2015 will also interact with DMC2015 in the upstream and downstream industries of manufacturing and consumer terminals.

The scale of the new DMC2015 exhibition is 60,000 square meters, a new year high! The overall layout of the linkage of the five halls (W1-W5 Hall) has also been clear: the W1 Hall centrally displays automobile moulds, the W2 Hall is a comprehensive moulding hall, the W3 Hall covers precision equipment, 3D material addition manufacturing, tool tools, forming equipment and measuring instruments, and the W4 Hall and the W5 Hall are international precision equipment and technology halls. The exhibition has received strong support from more than 30 local mold associations, mold gathering areas and domestic and foreign industry organizations. It is expected that more than 40 exhibition groups will appear in DMC2015 China International Mould Exhibition.

Integration, Intelligence and Automation become the New Highlights of the Exhibition

DMC2015 will focus on creating the era theme of "integration of machine tools, forming technology and die". On the basis of the original precision processing and manufacturing measurement technology of die, part forming and die technology, material tools and equipment exhibits, two themes of "integration of forming equipment and die" and "automation equipment exhibition area" will be set up. Exhibition area. At that time, W1 Automobile Mould Gallery will display the service schemes of automobile mould, inspection, fixture and welding production line synchronously, as well as the composite material forming process and model, such as the integrated solution of moulding, moulding and clamping; W2 Gallery will display the integrated moulding and forming. "Automated Equipment Exhibition Area" will display robots, automatic feeding mechanism, automatic grasping facilities and other automated exhibits. Exhibitors in the automation industry will gather in W3 and other pavilions, focusing on the application of precision processing production lines, automatic stamping lines, automatic production of plastic parts, integration of die clamps and other technologies. DMC2015 will fully reflect the advanced manufacturing technology of integration, intellectualization and automation, and promote the transformation of manufacturing industry to intellectualization and industrial 4.0.

W1 Hall - Automobile Mould Hall is still popular, W2 Hall integrated mould is also a good view here.

The high-speed development of China's automotive industry has led to the long-term development of automotive die industry. With the birth of more and more new models, the realization of Automotive Lightweight Technology in die application, and the development of high-end cars and energy-saving automotive die, more and more parts are localized and localized. DMC2015 Organizing Committee has built the W1 Hall into a "Automotive Mould Hall" around the manufacture of automotive parts in China. The Hall will gather more than 300 top domestic automotive die manufacturers such as FAW Mould, Tianqi Mould, Dongfeng Mould, Yinbaoshan Xin, Secoli, Ruihuai, Jianghuai Fuzhen, Push, Yisen, Kaihua, Saihao and so on. The exhibits will show the research and development achievements of progressive die, multi-cavity, multi-component, intelligent die and high-efficiency die for automobile stamping die, automobile plastic die, automobile die casting die and large-scale external covering die, surface technology of automobile interior and exterior decoration die technology, automation technology of automobile electronic die, and fast speed. The development and application of economic die and other products and technologies, such as automatic stamping line, integrated manufacturing of automotive parts and moulds and forming line, embody the theme of the conference. The hot-pressing die forming production line of Xu forging and Dongguan Zhongtai die will show integrated manufacturing technology of integrated moulding. The exhibition content is rich and varied, including the solution of integrated white body with die, inspection and clamp, and lightweight material forming technology. W2-Comprehensive Mould Museum will also fully display the new technology and advanced products of plastic and electronic moulds in China, leading the development direction of intelligent moulds manufacturing.

W4 Pavilion-Precision Equipment and W5 Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Will Raise the Wave of High-end Manufacturing Technology

W5 and W4 exhibit international high-end precision equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment. They include almost all global brand enterprises, such as high-speed machining centers, five-axis machining centers, gantry machining centers brought by GF, HAAS, MAZAK, OKUMA, TOSHIBA, and JDCT600E_A1, a new precision engraving machine in Beijing. 2S; 6-axis drilling and milling compound machine tools brought by global industrial machinery; precision electro-processing machine tools brought by companies such as GF, Mitsubishi, SODICK, BMW and Troy in EDM industry; various kinds of high-precision measuring joint arms, coordinate measuring machines, scanning measurement systems and special features brought by Heixconn, ZEISS and NIKON in precision measurement industry There are plenty of exhibits, such as multi-head combination setting-point machine of Bo Jing Machine and large-range image measuring machine presented by Sirui Company. In automation and integration technology, there are industrial robots, WEDM machines, small processing centers and injection moulding brought by FANUC.

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